New version, under construction

…Overhaul in progress. Weapons are being resorted into Shadowrun categories of
.1 Melee
.2 Light Pistols
.3 Heavy pistols
.4 Machine Pistols
.5 Submachineguns
.6 Assault rifles
.7 Shotguns
.8 Sport rifle/battle rifles
.9 Sniper rifles
.10 Heavy weapons ( assault cannons, grenade launchers, missile launchers, etc)
.11 Exotic

We have removed all SR4 weapons and tried to re-create notable weapons from ME, ME2 and ME3.

old version contents below

Mass effect small arms
.1 Pistols
.2 Submachineguns
.3 Shotguns
.4 Assault rifles
.5 Sniper rifles
.6 Missile launchers
.7 Heavy weapons
.8 Weapon Mods
.9Ammo Mods
.10Melee weapons
.11Grenades and grenade mods

Spare Thermal Clips are 25 credits each. A character can carry STRx2.

Small arms: In ME firearms vary widely in damage, effective range, cost, capacity for modification, penetration, ammunition capacity and mass. In Shadowrun 4th edition firearms don’t vary much in damage or penetration. Variety is mostly in ammunition capacity, mass, built-in-features and availability. We tried to find a middle ground.

In this supplement we mostly include ME2 firearms. Future supplements will include “obsolete” ME1 weapons and ME3 firearms (provided you have the pre order promo codes….just kidding)

Most Modern weapons are designed to compress/fold into small spaces for convenience.

Mode of fire: SS single shot, SA semi auto, BF burst fire, FA fully automatic.
Most weapons fire 1 shot on SS or SA, 3 shots on BF and 10 on FA however some high velocity automatics fire 15 shots on FA. There will be special rules for these high rate of fire weapons.(HVAR)

Optional Rule: HVAR
-Some weapons have a much greater than standard rate of fire. These High Velocity Assault Rifles fire 15 shots in a full burst,10 in a long burst and 5 in a short burst. The speed of fire lets the user put many shots downrange before the barrel starts to rise from recoil.
The modified values are :
-Full burst 15 rounds fired, -14 dice pool modifier. +14DV
-long burst 10 rounds fired,-8 dice pool modifier if it is the first burst fired in the round, -9 if it is the second, +9DV

-short burst 5 rounds fired ,-4 dice pool modifier if it is the first burst fired in the round, -5 if it is the second, +4DV.


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