Thoughts from playtesting

As we’ve tested the game on a few occasions with the Dr. Caligari , Shadow and LaLah characters, we’ve started to look over balance issues and playability issues.

Things that give extra initiative passes: these can be unbalancing since the majority of people won’t have more than one initiative pass. With the appropriate background they can be explained but a GM needs to be careful that this does not get out of hand. We’ve seen the effect that even one extra pass can do and having 3 passes or more is effectively a ticket to murder the ever living hell out of everyone. Be very careful when giving these to NPC’s.

Melee weapons ignoring shields : The jury is still out on this one. The idea that “slow” objects can bypass shields by not triggering them makes sense based off of the cannon codex entries on shields. It is worrying how fast a strong/capable character can do some horrible damage (as seen in playtesting). We haven’t decided if this makes melee characters too dangerous or is just dangerous enough to balance the problem with closing the distance.

How many Thermal clips I can carry, can they be recharged/cooled down? : The game implies that thermal clips are very small and lightweight however it strictly limits your ability to carry spares. We have temporary rules that a person can carry STRx2 thermal clips. It seems reasonable but we may change that.

Thoughts from playtesting

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