New Qualities

Qualities: Positive and Negative.

Contents :
1. New Positive qualities.
2. New Negative Qualities
3. Positive qualities from core rulebook.
4. Negative qualities from core rulebook.

New Qualities

Biotic 15 BP. Character is a biotic. Character gains a new attribute called Biotic. It starts with a rating of 1. It may be increased like any attribute to a maximum of 6 for most races, 7 or Asari or 8 or Ardat Yakshi.
Character can take the biotic skills (see new skills ) to help them manifest biotic powers (see Biotics ). Except for Asari, all biotics have a Bio-Amp implant. By default it’s assumed to be a L3 or equivalent.

L4 Implant (biotic characters only). 15 BP Character was implanted with an experimental Bio-Amp that included a specialized V.I. that help maximize their output. Subjects with a L4 can manifest biotic powers with 1 force level higher without affecting drain. The implanted VI can also offer advise and guidance on preprogramed subjects.

Blood Pack trained (Vorcha only) XXBP Vorcha raised by the blood pack tend to be stronger, faster, smarter, and more resilient than other members of the race. (Quality under construction. ) Vorcha with this quality gain Exceptional attribute qualities for STR, REA, LOG, and toughness instead of Vorcha adaptation quality.

Vorcha Adaptation5 BP (factored into Vorcha BP cost) Vorcha can select an environmental adaptation during gameplay after being exposed to this new environment. Possible adaptations include: High gravity, high atmospheric pressure, extreme heat, extreme cold, arid environments, toxic atmosphere. Alternatively the Vorcha can select 1 quality that is normally restricted to initial character creation. A Vorcha can only adapt once in this fashion in their lifetime and the process takes 1 week in a comatose state.

Vorcha Immunity 5BP(factored into Vorcha BP cost) Vorcha are immune to every known bacteria and virus.

Vorcha Regeneration 40 (factored into Vorcha BP cost) A Vorcha’s capacity to recover from trama is almost legendary. If not killed, a Vorcha can be expected to recover from most injuries in a matter of hours without medical assistance. A Vorcha can make heal tests for stun damage in 1 minute increments instead of 10 and lethal damage in 1 hour increments instead of 1 day. Wounds caused by Warp or by fire are healed at normal time intervals.

New negative qualities:

Asari poser Refers to humans so obsessed or impressed by Asari that they will try to be near and emulate them at every opportunity. This desire prompts them to associate with Asari whenever possible, dress in Asari fashions, learn Asari languages, and even alter their appearance to look as much like an Asari as possible. Real Asari often see them as embarrassments and many Humans see them as “sell-outs”. Humans that have this quality who have undergone extensive plastic surgery and skin pigmentation modifications can successfully pass for Asari and avoid any negative Social skill modifiers associated with being a Non-Asari. If an Asari discovers the character’s secret, however the Asari is likely to treat them with contempt or hostility. (See Social Modifiers Table on page 122). An outed Asari poser may also face stigma from Humans as “race traitors” if that human harbors prejudice against Asari.

L1 implant. (biotic characters only) -10 BP
Primitive by today’s standards, the L1 implants could only produce weak mass effect fields. Users take drain as if using powers at 2 force higher than their desired force.

L2 implant. (biotic characters only) -5 BP. Older experimental implants, they provided high power levels but caused chronic migraines and in some cases degenerating mental stability. Treat powers as having 1 force higher than desired but no additional drain. Users are prone to debilitating migraines that can cause -2 penalty to actions when in affect.

Quarian Weak Immune system Quarians have a specific version of the Weak Immune System quality that gives – 4 dice to dice pool modifiers to any test for resisting diseases. This means that Quarians rarely survive exposure to outside viruses or bacteria without medical aid or drugs. The BP value is worked into the Quarian base value. It is recommended that Quarian characters buy the Chemical Seal armor modification if they want to live long.

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Old Positive Qualities


Ambidextrous 5 BP

Animal Empathy 10 BP

Aptitude 10 BP

Astral Chameleon

Blandness 10 BP 5 BP

Codeslinger 10 BP

Double Jointed 5 BP

Exceptional Attribute 20 BP

First Impressions 5 BP

Focused Concentration 10 BP per rating ( max rating 2 ) A biotic with Focused Concentration has a naturally strong ability to concentrate. This allows them to channel biotic powers more effectively, making them less susceptible to Drain. A character with this quality gains a +1 dice pool modifier per rating point for all Drain Tests. Only Characters with the Biotic quality may take Focused Concentration.

Guts 5 BP

High Pain Tolerance 5 BP per rating ( max rating 3 )

Home Ground 10 BP


Lucky 20 BP


Magic Resistance

Mentor Spirit

Murky Link

Mystic Adept

Natural Hardening 10 BP A character has +1 die to all tests to resist biotic attacks.

Natural Immunity 5 or 15 BP

Photographic Memory 10 BP

Quick Healer 10 BP

Resistance to Pathogens/Toxins 5 or 10 BP

Spirit Affinity


Toughness 10 BP

Will to Live 5 per rating ( max rating 3)

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Old Negative Qualities

Addiction. bonus 5 to 30 BP

Allergy. bonus 5 to 20 BP

Asari Poser. Bonus 5 BP ( variations: Krogan poser, turian poser..)

Astral Beacon

Bad Luck. 20 BP


Combat Paralysis. Bonus 20 BP

Gremlins. Bonus 5 BP per rating ( max rating 4)

Incompetent. Bonus 5 BP

Infirm. bonus 20 BP

Low Pain Tolerance. bonus 10 BP


Sensitive Neural Structure

Sensitive System. bonus 15*BP*

Simsense Vertigo


Spirit Bane

Uncouth. bonus 20 BP

Uneducated. 20 BP

Weak Immune System. Bonus 5 BP

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New Qualities

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