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This wiki contains both the records of our ME role playing game adventures as well as custom made rule alterations to allow anyone familiar with Shadowrun 4th edition to play their own campaigns as well.

What you need to play:
1. a copy of shadowrun 4th ed. ( you can purchase a PDF http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/60553/Shadowrun-4th-Ed-20th-Anniversary-Core-Rulebook?filters=0_0_1720_0_0 or find one at a local RPG store )
2. The GM who’s familiar with those core rules should take time to look at our amended rules on this site. (Don’t worry, there’s not that many new rules)
3. Players who choose to use Biotic or Tech Powers should familiarize themselves with those new rules. (see Biotics and Tech Powers )
4. pens, paper, a whole bunch of D6s (the usual RPG stuff).

Table of Contents for the wiki.

altered rules for Shadowrun 4th Ed.

New rules for Mass Effect including new skills, qualities, shields, etc.

Optional rules. Cinematic campaign rules, etc.

Bioware (Gene modification)
Vehicles and Starships
Background Information

Setting Locations.

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Legal Disclaimer


If you’ve come to this page it means you are interested in the Mass Effect franchise of pc and console games. It has become clear that the IP owners have no interest in an official pen and paper rpg. After searching the web, I found no set of conversion rules really captured the “feel” of mass effect while maintaing a core that was both playable and fun.

I chose shadowrun as a proven system that handles ranged combat quite well and 4th edition specifically because my 1rst, 2nd and 3rd ed rule books are so worn out that they will not survive another campaign!

I’ve busted my hump reviewing nearly every rule and piece of equipment in SR4 deciding what is kept, what is changed and what is thrown away. The rules will be play tested soon but feel free to give constructive criticism.

- update- playtesting has begun and revisions are underway-
-Thoughts from playtesting

Now take a look at the wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

Accepting comments and suggestions to make the layout and rules more clear and user friendly. Please be patient, the universe is still under construction

Coming Soon…

Massive overhaul of page layout for ease of use and clarity.
Rules overhaul.

A hitchhikers guide to the mass effect universe (aka a travel guide for the savvy mercenary)-in progress

A campaign builder’s guidebook.

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