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If you’ve come to this page it means you are interested in the Mass Effect franchise of pc and console games. It has become clear that the IP owners have no interest in an official pen and paper rpg. After searching the web, I found no set of conversion rules really captured the “feel” of mass effect while maintaing a core that was both playable and fun.

I chose shadowrun as a proven system that handles ranged combat quite well and 4th edition specifically because my 1rst, 2nd and 3rd ed rule books are so worn out that they will not survive another campaign!

I’ve busted my hump reviewing nearly every rule and piece of equipment in SR4 deciding what is kept, what is changed and what is thrown away. The rules will be play tested soon but feel free to give constructive criticism.

- update- playtesting has begun and revisions are underway-
-Thoughts from playtesting

Now take a look at the wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

last updated june 12th 2012

Coming Soon…

That human soldier armor from ME3 multiplayer!

Armor without shields!

Armor for non-humans: Salarian, Krogan, Quarian, Turian …..elcor?

New rules for Tech powers including revised ranges.

Melee weapons(just added june12th)

Omni tool blades (just added)

Biotic punch! (just added)

Armor cost and availability revisions!

New weapons based off of the new ME3 DLC!

A hitchhikers guide to the mass effect universe (aka a travel guide for the savvy mercenary)-in progress

A campaign builder’s guidebook.

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