Gene modification

BIOWARE-Renamed Gene modification

Heavily licenced and scrutinized in council space, Gene modification is potential hugely beneficial with terrible consequences if done poorly.

Alliance Military provides free legal gene modification therapy to all soldiers at a facility on mars. This is done carefully and takes years for its benefits to mature. Alliance military mainly focuses on preventing genetic disorders and disease rather than enhancements. As a results human soldiers rarely suffer heart disorders , asthma , aneurysms or huntington’s disease among other ailments common in previous centuries.

Most bioware from SR4 seem possible in ME however many would be classified as illegal in council space. Anything that “adds a feature not found in the species” is illegal.

Adrenaline Pump: acceptable but restricted.
Bone Density:acceptable but rare. even joker did not get this done. It’s possible this is not compatible with all pre existing conditions.
Cat’s eyes:acceptable. Illegal
Digestive Expansion: acceptable . Illegal
Enhanced Articulation:acceptable
Muscle augmentation:acceptable
Muscle toner:acceptable
Orthoskin:acceptable. Illegal

Pathogenic defence:Acceptable
Platelet Factories:acceptable. Possibly illegal
Skin Pockets:no
Suprathyroid gland:acceptable.restricted
Symbiotes :acceptable.Highly illegal. Violates both the charter on creation of genetically engineered organisms and the laws on adding new features to existing races.
Tailored Pheromones: acceptable. Illegal.
Toxin Extractor:acceptable. probably illegal
Tracheal Filter:no

Cerebral Booster:acceptable.restricted
Damage Compensator:acceptable. probably restricted or illegal
Mnemonic Enhancer:acceptable. probably restricted or illegal
Pain Editor:Acceptable. illegal
Reflex Recorder:no
Sleep Regulator:acceptable. probably restricted or illegal
Synaptic booster:acceptable , probably restricted or illegal

-we recommend using the rating=duration rules from the wired reflexes notes

Gene modification

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