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What are biotics?

“Biotics is the ability of some lifeforms to create mass effect fields using element zero nodules embedded in body tissues. These powers are accessed and augmented by using bio-amps. Biotic individuals can knock enemies over from a distance, lift them into the air, generate gravitational vortices to tear obstacles or enemies apart, or create protective barriers. " -excerpt from the codex

To play as a biotic, a character must have the Biotic quality. (See new qualities New Qualities)
Characters can learn skills to focus and better use their biotic powers.
-See the new skills section.
Characters can acquire modular upgrades to enhance their Bio-Amp. (similar to power foci in SR)

How do biotics are used in gameplay?
The use of Biotic powers is akin to wizards casting spells.
Using biotic powers can be exhausting and can result in Drain, leaving the biotic with stun damage.
Biotic powers can :
-inflict damage by falling or throwing.
-Immobilize enemies.
-create defensive barriers.
-Deal direct damage.
-can be combined with other sustained effects to create dramatic side effects. (see Detonation)

List of available Biotic Powers

Using a power.
1. choose the biotic power you wish to use
2. choose target (usually requires line of sight)
3. ???
4. Drain resistance test, record stun damage (if any)

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How do I use this section?
In this section we list and describe the Biotic powers. Some have been merged with other powers if they were redundant. A few are missing and may be added later.

Biotic abilities fall into three general categories: Telekinesis, the use of mass-lowering fields to lift or hurl objects; Kinetic Fields, mass-raising fields to immobilize objects (in combat, usually enemy projectiles or enemies themselves); and Spatial Distortion, the creation of shifting mass-effect fields which rip apart any objects caught within them. Thus we have the three Biotic skills.

Known Biotic abilities.
Barrier ( Kinetic Fields)
Charge (telekinesis )
Dominate (restricted to NPCs)
Lift (Telekinesis)
Nova (unfinished)
Reave (Spatial Distortion)
Singularity (Telekinesis)
Slam (Telekinesis)
Stasis (Spatial distortion)
Throw (Telekinesis)
Warp (Spatial Distortion)
Warp Ammo (replaced with warp ammo weapon modification)
Biotic Melee Punch

Some powers have catastrophic results when combined. See Detonation

The implant section is mostly for background. We have no rules implemented for biotic implants. Assume all PCs have L3 implants.

All Biotic powers are physical ( there are no astral powers because there is no astral plane)
Using a Biotic power is a complex action.
Some powers can be sustained just like spells from SR4 ( if this is the case, it will be indicated in the power description ). Sustaining a power will impose a penalty to all actions (except damage resistance tests) just like sustaining spells in SR4.
Force level determines how potent the power is. The biotic will choose a force rating before activating the power. This determines how effective it is and sets the amount of drain that the biotic must resist.
Drain is the debilitating side effect of using a biotic power. Drain functions identically to magic drain in SR4, is resisted with BOD + WIL, and deals stun damage if not fully resisted. ( if the biotic chooses to use a higher force than their biotic rating, then the damage is physical instead of stun. )
Learning new powers is difficult and time consuming. It will be covered in a future update.
Max known powers at character creation : Players may start with a number of powers equal to 2 times their highest rated biotic skill (telekinesis, spatial distortion, kinetic fields )

Barrier (Kinetic Fields)

Biotic creates a kinetic field to boost or replace existing shields.
Type:P Range:Self Duration-see text DV (F/2)- 1
Bonus to shields 15% of original shield rating times force.
Duration sustained or until shields dispersed.

Barrier-mass(Kinetic Fields)

Type:p Range:Self Duration S DV (f/2)+ 1
Biotic creates a shell surrounding themselves and teammates. It counts as a Barrier in SR4 terms with only a -2 visibility modifier to incoming fire. Its barrier rating is equal to Force rating.
The default bubble has a diameter of the biotics Biotic rating.

Charge (Telekinesis)

allows a biotic to surge forward at an incredible speed unimpeded by minor obstacles(but not barriers). Also stuns target as the mass effect field dissipates.
Range 40 Meters
If charging into melee, double attackers charge bonus and double defenders charge penalty .
Type P RangeLOS Damage:S Duration:I DV (F/2)+ 2
Target must make Body+Willpower test vrs attackers biotic + Force to resist being stunned.

Lift (Telekinesis)

Biotic lifts target into the air like a ragdoll. User can choose to simply drop them somewhere, toss them at something (ranged combat test) or keep on lifting until they are high enough that the fall will kill them. Can move target force X successes in meters per turn.
Some users use a lower force/low threshold version to deliver hand grenades.
Type Range LOS Duration:S DV (f/2)+ 1
Threshold 1 per 200kg of target
Target can resist with opposed test Strength vrs Force X 2

Lift mass (Telekinesis0

Type Range LOS Duration:S DV (f/2)+ 3
Threshold 1 per 200kg effect (ie: if biotic wishes to create a threshold 1 lift, then any target over 200kg wandering through will be unaffected. A threshold 2 Lift Mass will affect anyone in target area 1 to 399kg)
Targets can be moved a number of meters equal to net HITs times their Biotic attribute.
IE: a biotic 6 could lift a target 12 meters up with 2 successes
Targets can resist with opposed test Strength vrs biotic force X 2

Reave (Spatial Distortion) restricted power-NPCs only
A very rare application of biotic power, the user can somehow damage a foe and heal themselves at the same time. Boxes of health are first taken from Stun and then Physical.
Type P Range LOS Damage P Duration S DV (F/2)+2

**special : duration is limited to a number of rounds equal to successes in casting test or when the user wishes to let go, whichever is shorter or if a barrier with a rating greater than 4 comes between target and biotic.
Does damage boxes equal to force each turn and heals the same amount to biotic.

Singularity (telekinesis) – See Lift Mass

Slam (Telekinesis)

A variation of lift that creates a mass effect field to lift a target and bring them down again with terrible force. It doubles the falling damage and treats it as Physical instead of stun.
TypeP Range LOS Duration:S DV (f/2)+3
Threshold 1 per 200kg of target
Target can resist with opposed test Strength vrs force x 2

Stasis (spatial distortion)

subject is paralyzed in a energy field effectively removing them the battle. Incoming attacks can and will disrupt the field allowing the subject to return to normal.
Type P Range LOS Duration:S DV (f/2)+2
Target cannot move while sustained. If target takes damage greater than force X 2 then it is disrupted and the target is free to move again.
+1 threshold to increase damage capacity to force X 3

Throw see lift

Warp Spatial Disruption

subject is bombarded with rapidly fluctuating mass effect fields loosening their molecular bonds and making them very vulnerable to damage. It can also interfere with shields. Initial damage is light but painful, the lasting effect is a vulnerability to outside sources of damage. Treat affected subject as -25% armor for a number of rounds equal to net successes.
Type P Range LOS Duration:I DV (f/2)
Initial damage zero. Biotic can make a more powerful blast if they choose.
+1 threshold if biotic adds a Force = DV damage code to the blast, +1 drain.
+2 threshold for a Force X 2 Damage value. Also increase drain by +2


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