note-mass effect 1 had innumerable suits of armor in light, medium and heavy classes. Biotics were limited in choice because heavy armors made mass effect fields hard to manifest. Most modern armors have built in mass effect kinetic shield generators and enough capacitors to keep them running. In ME1 armors were rated in versions 1 through 10 with armor ratings as low as 5 (mark1 light onyx) and as high as 62 (heavy crisis mark 10). Shield ratings varied from 49 to 600(not including character skills that increased shields). For some reason enemies rarely have shields.

-In shadowrun armor runs from 2 (thick clothing ) to 18 (military full suit with combat helm)
-in shadowrun armor has a ballistic rating and impact rating.(for simplicity we are merging them until later editions)
-Many armors are made in human/asari and turian shapes but can be modified or special ordered for other races. See SR4 page 400 size customization)

-Shield ratings are ablative, they represent a number of boxes of damage that are subtracted first from incoming damage. When they are depleted, remaining damage is used for the normal damage resistance test (see SR4 pg 140). Depleted shields regenerate only when not under fire for at least one full round. They regenerate at the armors ballistic rating per round.

Armor can be modified

Armor without Shields Military grade shielding is often restricted and expensive. Not every enemy will have the means to acquire it. Many enemies will have armor without shields.

Light armors- Sometimes little more than reinforced clothing with shield generators embedded, light armor provides little impediment to biotics or tech experts. Ratings below are for commonly available light armors. Exotic or expensive light armors may exceed these ratings

Ballistic: 1to4
Shields:10 to 40
cost: 400 to 2000

Examples of light armor

Medium armors- armor is thicker and starts to incorporate sheets of lightweight ablative ceramic. Biotics take a small penalty to their power use (-2 dice to biotic powers).
Ballistic: 5to10
Shields:30 60
Cost 900 to 6000

Examples of medium armor

Heavy armors- incorporating very obvious sheets of lightweight ablative ceramic and banks of kinetic shield generators. Biotics take a heavy penalty (-4 dice to biotic powers) to use their powers and Tech experts take a small penalty(-2 dice to tech powers)
Ballistic 10to18
Shields:50 to 90
Cost:8000 to 16000 or more. This level of protection is premium.

Examples of heavy armor


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