A hitchhikers guide to the mass effect universe

- Please be patient, the universe is still under construction -

The universe is a big place and full of travel guides, but none has ever attempted the daunting task of guiding the savvy traveler though the entire milky way on less than 30 Altairian dollars a day…don’t get your hopes up because we won’t either. Shit is expensive these days.

Chapter one. Getting there . A guide to getting around.

Chapter two. What’s for Lunch? . A guide to not poisoning yourself while traveling.

Chapter three. Where will we have lunch? Aka: Key places to visit.

Chapter four. Why did that guy just stab me? Aka: Places you might want to avoid.

Chapter five. Insulting the natives. Aka: Etiquette and social taboos.

Chapter six. I swear officer, I’ve never seen those before. Aka: dealing with customs officials and border guards.

Chapter seven. Learning to live with stab wounds. Aka: proper medical care and where to find it.

Chapter eight: Paying the bill. Aka: understanding the currencies and avoiding creditors.

Chapter nine: Where’s my towel?. Aka: Surviving hostile conditions and crash landings.

A hitchhikers guide to the mass effect universe

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