April 2nd.
-Fixed hotlink to DrivethruRPG.com in the “What you need to play” section.
-considering new layout for home page.
—what information and links are needed most on the home page?

also testing out some new code for imbedding images.

March 28 Revision process started. Realized that the page layout is unclear and not intuitive. Aim to overhaul the whole site over the next month.
-altered homepage layout
-altered Rules section layout
-added examples of bullet ablation rules.


October 30th
ADDED supply pylons
FireStorm M-451 has stats now
Major revision to sabotage TECH POWER
Added Biotic Punch to biotic powers
Added Omni Tool Melee attacks including the new N7 variants
Added Civilian camera drones
Added Shield generator pylons

October 17th
Added entry for Vorcha specific qualities and Vorcha data in the species section. NOTE: vorcha are a potential to be combat monsters so care must be take if players select them.

July 17th
Added weapon placeholders for new DLC content : N7 Typhoon, Acolyte Pistol, N7 Piranha, Cerberus Harrier, Reegar carbine, Krysae sniper rifle, Kishock harpoon gun, Striker assault rifle, Geth SMG, N7 Valkyrie . No stats for these weapons added yet.
June 12th
updated Equipment: added melee weapons and grenades. Added notes on FRM.
Added the A hitchhikers guide to the mass effect universe section and subchapters.

June 11th
updated character bios with more recent biography info.

April 29
Updated tech powers to add cooldowns and maximum range.

april 23
updated action items page
Updated species section . Asari now have BIOTIC quality factored into their cost. this was done because SR4 characters are limited to 35 BP worth of Qualities, forcing them to tie up 15 BP with Biotics was limiting the postivie qualtities Asari can get.
Updated species section. Krogan get toughness , I forgot to put that in before.


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