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New skill group Biotics
Spatial Distortion
Kinetic Fields

New skill : Telekinesis (LOG)

This skill covers the understanding behind and use of biotic implants to manipulate objects using dark energy fields. Pushing, pulling, lifting and manipulating the mass of an object are covered by this skill.
It is used to “cast” biotic telekinesis based powers.
Default: yes
Skill Group: Biotics
Specializations: Charge, Lift, Lift-mass, Singularity, slam

New Skill : Spatial Distortion (logic)

This skill covers both understanding and creating distortions in space/time via gravimetric warping . It can be used to destabilize molecular bonds and generally cause havoc .
This skill is used to “cast” warp and other spatial distortion based biotic powers.
Default: yes
Skill group: Biotics
Specializations: warp, reave, stasis

New Skill: Kinetic Fields(LOG)

Creating and manipulating dark energy based kinetic fields.
Default: Yes
Skill group: Biotics
Specialization: Barrier, Barrier Mass

Spacecraft Mechanics (Logic)
The spacecraft mechanics skill is used to repair and maintain spacecraft of all types. Proper tools and time are still necessary. See using technical skills to build or repair, pg 125
Default: No
Skill group: Mechanic (logic)
Specializations: Civilian craft, fighter-craft, frigates, cruisers, space stations.

new skills

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