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Chapter FIVE: Equipment

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1. Combat Gear.
2. Electronics.
3. Medical Gear .
4. Tools.
5. Drones.
6. Vehicles.
7. StarShips & Shuttles.
8. Services.

1. Combat Gear.
1.1 Armor
1.1.1 Armor accessories
1.1.2 Armor Modifications
1.2 Weapons
Link to weapon lists
1.2.1 Melee
1.2.2 Pistols
1.2.3 Automatics SMG Assault Rifles
1.2.4 LongArms Shotgun Sport Rifles Sniper Rifles
1.2.5 Heavy weapons Rocket and missile launchers Grenade Launchers Heavy mass drivers
1.3 Heat Sinks and Munitions
1.3.1 Heat Sinks
1.3.2 Guided munitions
1.4 Weapon accessories
1.5 Weapon modifications

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2. Electronics
mainframe (large computer)
Omni Tools
V.I. and A.I.

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3. Medical Gear
First Aid Kit
V.I. assisted first aid kit
- Surgical Bed (with robotic assistance)

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4. Tools
Tool Kit

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5. Drones

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6. Vehicles

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7. Starships & Shuttles

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Fake ID
Credit Account

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In this chapter we review equipment available to characters and npcs.
Some equipment from SR4 will be included as it fit well into Mass Effect.

The world of ME is full of people who are not nice. Players may want to possess at least one weapon. This section includes pistols, SMGs, shotguns, assault rifles, heavy weapons, sniper rifles.
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With all the hazards of the universe, putting a few layers of armorplast between you and everything else is a good idea. We could not include every piece of armor in the ME games but we endeavor to include some examples of several brands for light , medium and heavy armor.
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In mass effect we are lead to believe that cybernetics are not desirable and most people would rather have cloned replacements in cases of injury. We are given the impression that obvious cybernetics are taboo in citadel space. However for some people the desire for performance outweighs the need to fit in.
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Gene modification (or bioware)
The citadel has strict rules concerning what can and cannot be done to a sentient’s genetic code.
It can help prevent illnesses and improve vitality but less scrupulous doctors can enhance a body to dangerous levels.
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The swiss army knife of the future. Soldiers, scientists , doctors, reporters, settlers and citadel counsel members alike use them.
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Other equipment Everything else that’s left over. Omni-gel, Medi-gel, etc.

Vehicles and transportation
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