Bullet Ablation

To account for the game effects in ME2, where rapid fire weapons were far more effective at depleting shields than single shot weapons, we are introducing Bullet Ablation.

When a bullet damages a shield it subtracts its damage from shield rating.
If more than one bullet from the same attacker hit in one initiative pass then the damage to the shield is increased 1.
-Two shots in rapid succession (firing two pistols akimbo or firing a semi automatic twice ) then increase the shield damage on the second attack by
Burst Fire
-Bursts double the DV modifier for shield damage
-the Bonus shield damage cannot damage a person, it only is applied if there are remaining shields after the normal damage.
-Shotguns double the DV modifier for shield damage.

Example 1: Single shot, Jack shoots someone who has 20 shields with a pistol that does 4P damage.
-jack shoots once, the shields take 4 damage becoming 16.

Example 2: Semi Auto. Jack hits twice with 4P damage attacks. The first attack does 4P, the 2nd attack does 5P damage for a total of 9 shield damage.

Example 3: Burst fire. Jack fires a narrow burst ( + 2 DV ) with a 4P weapon at the target , the target’s shields take 8P (4P+( 2x 2P)) .

Example 4: Long burst (6 bullets, + 5DV). The target shields take 14P (4P +( 5P x 2)).

Example 5: Full burst (10 bullets, + 9DV). The target shields take 22P (4P+( 9P x 2)), however this exceeds the total shields, they are now dropped. The remaining 2 bonus damage is not applied to the target because bonus damage to shields does not carry over.

Bullet Ablation

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