SR4 to ME

Mass Effect concepts

Skills trees Mass effect used skill trees where as you add ranks you unlock more powerful or specialized versions of that skill. We have tried to recreate the feel of this in many of the Tech power or Biotic powers by having higher thresholds needed to unlock better effects. The user can still elect to use a lower threshold version to make it easier to use. The idea behind this is only highly skilled characters can consistently pull off high threshold powers so it captures the feel of the skill tree system. Also many powers have several threshold affecting optional effects, again this was done to try to capture the feel of the original skills.

Shields In Mass Effect the player has a shield that must be first worn down by enemy fire before the player can be harmed. We spend hours pouring over the game data from the various armors and compared their relative values to ShadowRun 4’s power level. We decided on relatively large amounts of shields because it’s so easy for rapid fire weapons to deplete them forcing a character to dive behind cover. In the end shields provide only a weak defense that cannot compare to having heavy armor.

Health In ME1 players had to use medi gel to restore a fixed amount of health. Players with certain skills could accumulate huge amounts of health, in ME2 players had health that regenerated and in ME3 they had a hybrid of the system. In SR4 players have a “stun” and “physical” condition monitor. This is a fancy way of saying you have a stun healthbar and a physical healthbar.

Ammunition In ME1 you never worried about ammunition, in ME2 and ME3 you had to worry about thermal clips. In SR4 you had conventional ammunition. We are simply treating Thermal Clips as ammo clips. Thermal clips are interchangeable between weapon classes.

SR4 to ME

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