Rules changes for Shadowrun 4th

Herein lay the suggested revisions and omissions for SR4 to fit into the mass effect universe. It is organized by SR4 core rulebook chapters.

- Welcome to the shadows
Ignore everything from this chapter
- A history lesson for the reality impaired
Ignore everything from this chapter
-Life on the edge
Ignore everything from this chapter
- Game concepts
Use “Cinematic Gameplay” rules
Ignore rules for Orcs, Elves, Dwarves and Trolls
Essence: lower essence does not inhibit biotics. It does however make people more sensitive to indoctrination.
Rules for actions, rolls, thresholds, contacts and attributes remain the same.

- Creating a shadowrunner
ignore listed Meta Types. Instead use the ME universe species we list in this entry and in chapter

Qualities: Replace “Magician” with “Biotic” Mentor spirit only available to biotics with L4’s that have onboard V.I.s Replace “elf poser” with “asari poser” Remove: Adept,Astral Chameleon, human looking,Magic resistance, murky link, mystic adept, spirit affinity , technomancer, astral beacon, Sinner, Spirit bane. Replace “Nuyen” with galactic credit. Contacts, lifestyle and starting money remain the same. Ignore any reference to magic or technomancy.

- Skills
Remove all magic, skills and sorcery/tasking skill groups.
Add skill group Biotics
Add skills, Telekinesis ,Spatial Distortion and Kinetic Fields (biotic base skills) and Biotic theory

- * Combat*

To account for ME2, we are introducing “ bullet ablation ”. This is to replicate the effect of rapid fire weapons depleting shields faster than low rate of fire heavy damage weapons.

When a bullet damages a shield it subtracts its damage from shield rating. If more than one bullet from one attacker hit in one initiative pass then the damage to the shield is increased.
-Two shots in rapid succession (firing two pistols akimbo or firing a semi automatic twice ) then increase the shield damage on both by 1.
-Bursts double the DV modifier for shield damage (but not real damage if the shield is depleted)
This means narrow long bursts can devastate a shield in short order.
-the Bonus shield damage cannot damage a person, it only is applied if there are remaining shields after the normal damage.
For example Jack shoots someone who has 20 shields with a pistol that does 4P damage.
-jack shoots once and gets 1 success, the shields take 4 damage becoming 16.
-Jack shoots twice getting one success each time, the shields are reduced to 10. (4+1x2 shield damage).
- Jack shoots a narrow burst at the target ( + 2DV ) and gets one success, targets shields take 4 damage on top of the weapons normal damage.
- Jack fires a narrow full burst (10 bullets) ( + 9dv), shields take 18 damage plus the weapon’s base damage. this reduces shields to zero however the target does not take physical damage because the original damage (9+base damage 5) was never enough to penetrate the shields by itself.

Other combat rules stay the same. You may want to copy or bookmark falling rules since biotics will be bringing them up constantly. Biotic Barriers (those big force bubbles) are treated as barriers in 157 except that biotic barriers only offer -2 blindfire since they are not totally opaque. Regular “armor piercing “ ammo mods will not affect biotic barriers. Phase round ammo mods act as armor piercing against Biotic Barriers.

Vehicle rules : Sadly everyone else seemed to hate the Mako so I won’t be including rule modifications until later.

- * The Awakened World*
Foci replaced with Bio Amp mods.
Noticing Biotics. Biotics almost always have noticeable visual effects.
Ignore totems, traditions, spell formulae costs, object resistance, ritual spell casting, conjuring, summoning, the astral world, Mana barriers, Adepts,
Drain Remains
Initiation ??subject to revision?

Mentor Spirits : we may remove this or perhaps use implanted V.I. in the case of L4 implants. ??subject to revision ??

Street Grimoire: ignore this entire section.

- the wireless world:matrix
For simplicity assume devices have firewall equal to their ratings.
For simplicity we ignore programs (we may change this later)
Agents and autosofts represent V.I.s
Commlinks are omni tools.
Matrix attributes remain the same but are very unlikely to come up.
Ignore all Technomancer references.

- Running the Shadows
Health remains the same.
Medicine: MEDIGEL adds +2dice to first aid and medicine rolls and allows first aid to be performed more than once per set of wounds. ?subject to revision??
Healing modifiers: remove “patient is magician,adept or technomancer” modifier.
Remove BTLs
Ignore SINs

- Friends and Foes
Ignore Critters and critter powers (NO DRAGONS!)

Rules changes for Shadowrun 4th

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