Omni-Tool Melee Attacks

The Alliance Military and some other groups teach their soldiers to use Omni-tools to create temporary weapons if their primary weapon is unavailable.

Simple action to ready it requiring a hardware+logic check.

-known variations:

Blade: the mini fabber produces a crystaline blade held in place with force fields and illuminated by holograms. Blade is distroyed on use. Uses exotic weapon skill to strike.

fork+electricity: mini fabber creates two highly conductive probes and discharges a great shock on contact. Probes often break on use and capacitors are drained.

incendiary backhand: fabber creates two packets of reactive chemicals and oxidants held in place with kinetic fields. The fields are broken on contact and as the chemicals mix, they ignite burning the opponent. Chemicals are expended on use. Uses unarmed skill to strike.

spiked gauntlet: fabber creates a series of spikes and holds them in place with kinetic fields. Improves the users unarmed attack by adding AP to their strike. Spikes break off on contact. Uses unarmed skill to strike.

explosive punch:Fabber creates packets of binary compounds and holds them separate with kinetic fields, mixing them only moments before contact with target. On contact the fields colapse and a new field engages to protect the user and channel the blast away from them.
Uses the unarmed skill to strike.

blast shield(cryo or incin): A variation of TECH ARMOUR, the user creates a shaped warp field in front of them held in two kinetic barriers. Because the shield is several inches from the users body; the Blast shield absorbs the incoming hits before the users shields .
Especially skilled users can create pockets of volatile chemicals in pockets within the field and deliberately unleash them at the enemy creating an elemental burst of damage. Uses exotic weapon skill to bash people with the shield.
Special: blast -2/metre

Name Reach Damage AP Skill Check Omni Gel
Blade - (STR/2+2) -1 Hardware+logic (1) -
Sword 1 (STR/2+3) -1 Hardware+logic (2) -
Fork - 6S(e) -half Hardware+Logic (2) -
Heavy Fork - 10S(E) -half Hardware+Logic (3) -
Incendiary Backhand - ?? ?? Hardware+logic (3) 1
Spiked Gauntlet - (STR/2) -1 Hardware+logic (1) -
Explosive punch - 8P Blast, -4/metre -2 Hardware+Logic (3) 1
Blast Shield - (STR/2)S - special -
Elemental Shield - See text -2 +1 threshold 1

Fork, incindiary and explosive only require a melee touch attack (+2 dice to hit)

Omni-Tool Melee Attacks

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