Miscellaneous equipment.

Within GM approval most goods in the clothing, electronics, tools, vision enhancers, audio enhancers, sensors, chemicals and survival gear sections of SR4 can be used in Mass Effect.

Technical Goods

Omni-Gel is a technological material that can be obtained by breaking down unwanted items, such as weapons, armor, and upgrades . Doing so will usually give you 4 omni-gel per item. It is designed for use with omni-tools to do electronics or decryption work. Omni-gel can also be used to repair the Mako, though doing so requires the vehicle to be temporarily off-line.
Omni-gel is composed of common, reusable industrial plastics, ceramics, and light alloys kept in a semi-molten state. Being able to render non-essential upgrades and weapons into omni-gel allows them to remain useful while reducing weight. By 2185, common security updates prevented the use of omni-gel on locks.
100 credits .

OSD An OSD – Optical Storage Device – is a small, portable data storage unit, the equivalent of a disk. 5 credits.

KEI-9 personal robotic dog. Detailed in Drones section.
300 credits.

Paramilitary Equipment

Deployable shields- Seen in ME3

A lightweight flat panel that unfolds and can be deployed on the ground. It then creates a glowing field not unlike the TECH ARMOUR power. If disrupted it restores itself in 3 rounds. They are used to provide cover where none can be found thus creating strategic emplacements on the go. It is treated as a barrier(see SR4 pg157).

Type armour rating structure rating cost availability example
cheap 2 3 400 4 equivalent to door
average 4 5 1000 5 equivalent to ballistic glass
Tough 6 7 8000 6R example
reinforeced 8 9 20,000 10R equivalent to armoured glass

collapsed, they are 30cm X 60 metre X 4cm flat boxes. Unfolded they provide 1×2 metre cover.(just enough to crouch behind)
+++++++++++OR++++++++++++two versions of rules being tested.++++++++++++++
provides it’s own hit boxes as tech armour. Once depleted it no longer provides cover. It can regenerate if depleted in 2 rounds

Type shield rating cost availability
cheap 30 1000 5
tough 60 8,000 8R
reinforced 100 20,000 10R example

Deployable shield recharger pylon – Seen in ME3

(requires generator)
a 1.75m pylon that can detect and reinforce/recharge the capacitors of nearby kinetic shields wirelessly. It has no effect on biotic barriers. It requires a nearby power generator to function. Users within 3 metres will get + 20% to their shields every round (rounds, not initiative passes). The unit is temperamental and requires a HARDWARE+LOGIC (2) (1 round) to activate. The units are very sensitive to environmental damage (water, sand, cold).

Generator: a large (1mx 25cm x1m)boxy power generator can provide large amounts of power for nearby appliances. Adapters can be attached to allow recharging of personal devices.

(note- if a player tries to hook a power generator directly to their armour suit via direct cable, they will need to succeed on a hardware+logic(3) as most suits were not designed for such large amounts of power. Glitching will result in overheating (user will suffer the effects of extreme heat environmental conditions) ,critical glitch will result in damaging the suits capacitors reducing them to zero shields until repaired. Success will give the user + 30% shield recharge rate but the physical cable limits movement and user cannot use full dodge when attacked.)

Cost: not available for sale, estimated at 5000 for power unit and 15,000 for pylon.

Supply Pylon

Developed for forward firebases, the unit contains a fabricator, shield regenerator and a cooling laser. The fabricator and cooling laser allow it to create or refresh Thermal Clips, the fabricator can also create grenades, and the re-charger allows it to restore power to the shields of nearby friendlies. It produces 4 grenades every 2 rounds and 1 thermal clip per round.

Cost: not available for sale, estimated at 40,000 credits

Medical and Chemical


(medical gel) is an all-purpose medicinal salve combining an anaesthetic and clotting agent used by paramedics, EMTs, and military personnel, produced by the Sirta Foundation. It heals various wounds and ailments, instantly sealing injuries against infection and allowing for rapid healing by having the gel grip tight to flesh until subjected to a frequency of ultrasound. It is sealable against liquids – most notably blood – as well as contaminants and gases. Technically its properties make it illegal under genetic modification laws, but the restriction, in this case, is ignored because of the product’s beneficial properties.

Medigel add +4 dice to heal checks and can allows first aid to be performed more than one time per set of injuries.
A character can carry up to 5 MediGel before the bulk starts getting cumbersome.
50 credits

Drugs are chemical substances which alter the normal bodily functions of an organism. Drugs are used by people throughout the galaxy. The market for them is significant enough that various criminal enterprises produce, sell, or smuggle them for considerable profit, despite legal restrictions. Drugs can have various effects on a user when consumed, such as altering a user’s biotic potential.

Creeper is a powerful new hallucinogenic drug. Creeper forms as a dust-like mold on some strains of the high-nutrition vine ossilbir which have been grown on the human colony world of Sathur. Consumption of small quantities of this mold causes the user to experience “potent visions” or “colorful daydreams”, allegedly with no ill side-effects. Since creeper was not discovered until after Sathur started growing ossilbir in late 2185, medical experts have not had a chance to study the long-term effects of using the drug.

Hallex is a controlled substance which induces heightened senses and extreme euphoria in those who dose themselves with it. Not much has been mentioned about this substance, other than it is used by the asari Ardat-Yakshi, Morinth, who both consumed it herself and offered it to her victims. The Hallex would facilitate her ‘hunt’ by making her victims less aware of what was going on and raising their desire to mate with her. The Omega citizen, Nef, fell victim to this tactic.

Minagen X3 is an illegal chemical that enhances biotics. The degree of enhancement is in proportion to the amount of exposure to the substance. However, Minagen X3 is lethal to the user in large quantities. Minagen X3 is red in color.
Duration: (12-body) hours, minimum 1 hour
Effect: +1 intuition, +1 logic
in addition to the effects listed above, biotics will only suffer -1 dice pool modifyer for each sustained power rather than the normal -2.

Red sand is a stimulant with biotic-enhancing properties. Its abuse is disproportionately high among non-biotic friends and relatives of biotics, often out of a misguided desire to understand what their loved ones are experiencing. Red sand was originally created by criminal triads on Mars from refined element zero, and may take its name from the planet. As eezo is also used to create medicines, red sand’s creation may have been a “fortunate” lab mistake.

When taken nasally, red sand creates a brief but intense euphoria, and gives the user very short-term telekinetic biotic abilities. Side effects include red-tinting of the user’s vision, discolouration of the teeth and longer-term withdrawal symptoms. Red sand is normally sold in small bags. The slang expression for using it is “dusting up” or being “sand-blasted”. Asari and batarians are immune to red sand, whilst humans are the only race confirmed to be susceptible to its effects.
The batarians are known to buy addicts as slaves, when the addicts can no longer afford to support their habit.
On Illium, it is legal to sell red sand as long as the vendor has a permit.


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