Founder:Jona Sederis
Area of operations: Terminus systems
Disc: A major merc corporation with publicly traded stock. Control 20% of all smuggling on OMEGA Station

Species : Assari, Human and Salarians

Reputation:Effective, potent fire-power , few scruples.
M.O.: Work in teams of troopers and Vanguards
Lack discipline and skill
Have very good equipment and arms.
sometimes lead by commandos
Sometimes supported by Mechs
Have many Biotic and Tech resources
Favour Stealth and "intelligent " ways of conducting battle.
Specialize in transporting illicit goods and criminals from place to place.

Recruitment: On Illium recruitment requires hopefuls to successfully commit a murder before being given a uniform.
Publicly traded stocks

Favoured equipment
Yellow or black armour with Eclipse logo at the centre of the chest.

Notable members:
Jona Sederis -ex assari commando

Unit types:

Eclipse Commando

Eclipse Engineer
Human or Salarian
Hand cannon
medium armour and tech armour
Tech group 4, pistols 3
-Utilize at least one TECH POWER attack and a few combat mini drones. They will have a standard omni tool and some spare omni gel to power their attacks.

Eclipse Heavy
Eclipse Operative

Eclipse Security Guard
Pistol only.
Light armour
Firearms skill group 3, etiquette 3
-Light troops intended to mix with corporate environments as security. Behave in a more professional manner but lack heavy arms. Can be found in lots of low threat corporate locations, private parties, etc. They behave professionally and use tactics and cover to compensate for their weak equipment.

Eclipse Trooper
Human or Salarian
M-8 Avenger or M-4 Shuriken, Flashbang Grenades
medium quality Light armor.
attributes/skills skill of only 2 in chosen weapon, poor at close quarters combat.
-Confident but undisciplined, they have 1 lower professionalism than normal for their group. Often taking cover and laying down long barrages of fire at medium range.
-The salarians with M-4s will be more likely to strafe from cover to cover.

Eclipse Vanguard
Assari or Human biotic
M-27 Scimitar or M-15 Vindicator
Medium armour (penalty to biotic powers)
Use:WARP, BARRIER and TECH ARMOUR with 3 skill.
-Intended to close to short range tear apart enemies with sheer power.

Sisterhood Initiate.
M-8 Avenger
cheap light armor augmented with weak Barriers
weak biotic BARRIER
-Biotic warriors in training, they lack skill, confidence and power, they do however have fully automatic weapons.


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