Drones are small robots used to support and supplement organic soldiers on the battlefield. They have no artificial intelligence of any kind, but follow fixed, minimally adaptive programs. Most varieties employ mass effect levitation to improve mobility.

All modern armies rely on veritable fleets of drones for routine soldiering (static garrisons, patrols, etc.). The use of drones in non-critical duties keeps manpower need down and reduces casualties in low intensity conflicts. Less advanced races and cultures with less sensitivity to casualties have correspondingly fewer drones in their inventory. Drones are of little use in conventional open field battles, as they are poorly armed and armored.

In addition to combat drones, support drones are used to assist organic units in the field. Reconnaissance drones are small, stealthy craft that screen combat units in the field and warn commanders when enemies are spotted. Electronic Warfare drones supplement battlefield technicians, serving as mobile jammers and ELINT (ELectronic INTelligence) gathering platforms. Military and civilian police utilize “dazzler drones” equipped with powerful strobe lights to disorient and subdue intruders using nonlethal force.

Drone formations are officially referred to in wings (i.e., “Deploy the 4th Assault Drone Wing on the left flank!”). Common soldiers often refer to friendly formations as flocks and enemy formations as swarms.

Drones Often equip pre-thermal clip weapons so they can fire intense bursts, cool down and repeat endlessly. This gives it overall less damage per minute than a heat sink based weapon but benefit from not having to carry extra ammunition.

RULES and stat block explanations

Civilian Drone Products

Camera drone: civilian camera drone with hover capacity. Also contains a VI assist program that auto adjusts for lighting conditions, focus and other functions normally done in post processing. There is a special variation for military correspondents that comes with built in armour and improved top speed to keep up with fast moving military manoeuvres. Externally the armoured variant looks identical to the standard version.

Type Handling Accel Speed Pilot Body Armor Shields Sensor Avail Cost
Standard 0 5/20 30 3 2 0 00 3 4 1200
Military correspondence 0 2/20 50 3 2 2 20 3 6 2000

KEI-9 Personal robot dog.
Similar in appearance to the Fenris security robot, it is smaller and made of cheaper non-armoured plastics. It is programmed with doglike behaviour.

Type Handling Accel Speed Pilot Body Armor Shields Sensor Avail Cost
Standard 0 3/15 15 2 1 0 00 2 - 300


Assault Drone

Advanced Assault Drones are drones that are employed by the Systems Alliance and other armed forces for support of their ground operations. Assault Drones are armed with a Mass Accelerator Machine Gun.

Handling Accel Speed Pilot Body Armor Shields Sensor Avail Cost
0 10/25 100 3 3 0 30 3 6R 2000

Portable Turret

A portable installation that is carried and deployed by Cerberus Combat Engineers but similar designs are used by organizations across the galaxy. They are stationary attack platforms that can lock on to any target that enters its range.
Treat as smart firing platform from SR4 with a fully automatic weapon mounted to it.
Consists of a gun housing , Targeting V.I. , Shield generator and armor.
Can equip Assault Rifle, LMG or heavy weapon.
Software: Targeting 2

Handling Accel Speed Pilot Body Armor Shields Sensor Avail Cost
immobile 0 0 3 3 5 30 2 6R 2000

Stationary Turret.

Used by various organizations such as the Systems Alliance, cerberus, geth and anyone with resources and a static location to defend.


FENRIS Mechs are mechanical constructs designed by Hahne-Kedar specifically for security. They are highly identifiable by their white armor and red lights. For many humans, the FENRIS Mechs are viewed as the mechanical analogs of “attack dogs” and mimic dog-like behavior when they attack a target, which may be related to Hahne-Kedar being an Alliance-Based Corporation. Their visual appearance is also similar to the Varren as encountered on Feros.
FENRIS Mechs possess advanced sensory equipment allowing them to detect weapons and narcotics.
Olfactory Scanner .See scanners SR4 page 254
Targeting software 2
Armement :Taser
Damage 6S AP-half Mode SS ammo infinite

Handling Accel Speed Pilot Body Armor Shields Sensor Avail Cost
+1 3/15 15 3 3 1 - 2 3R 1000

Geth Turret. (small deployable turret)

Geth Rocket Drone

Geth Rocket Drones are combat support drones employed by the geth to support their ground forces. Drones are typically seen in areas with the geth have a heavy presence, or are used to defend key areas or geth bases.

Geth Assault Drone

These are deadly drones similar in appearance to the rocket drones. They have black armor and are armed with a pulse weapon

Geth Recon Drone

Recon drones have fairly weak shields and weaponry, but seem to be resistant to biotics. They also have cloaking devices similar to ones used by Geth Hunters.
armament geth pulse rifle.

Handling Accel Speed Pilot Body Armor Shields Sensor Avail Cost
0 10/25 100 3 2 0 30 3 10F not available for sale

Geth Repair Drone

Geth Repair Drones are the geth equivalent of a battlefield medic, repairing any damaged soldiers or recharging their shields.


The Hahne-Kedar-manufactured LOKI Mech is a bipedal humanoid security robot designed for security detail and guard duty in locations where manpower is an issue, or where the use of organics for “around the clock” shifts is unfeasible. Initially used exclusively by the Alliance for colony guard duty, the LOKI Mech came into new use following the Battle of the Citadel in 2183.

While inexpensive and relatively basic as far as security units go, LOKI Mechs have a number of interesting features. They possess a basic personality suite and are easily programmed for various security tasks, and can be equipped with any of numerous weapon systems — both lethal and non-lethal — as circumstances dictate. A LOKI Mech that switches to its security protocols is easily identified; the dual “eye” on the unit turns from white to red.

LOKI Mechs are easily networked to simultaneously deliver orders to many units, either other LOKI Mechs, FENRIS Mechs or YMIR Mechs. Their programming is quite simple, with an IFF marker allowing even relatively inexperienced operators to set up a LOKI Mech unit. This is advantageous on frontier worlds, where these units are often deployed.
Unfortunately, this simplicity is a limitation as well; LOKI Mechs are incapable of any complex tactics, never seek cover during a firefight, and their civilian-grade firewalls are insufficient to deal with modern hacking, allowing their programs to be easily overridden and turned upon their owners.
LOKI Mechs can also be programmed to speak pre-recorded phrases when needed, though this can have adverse effects. A LOKI Mech in combat will casually advise intruders to leave the area, even while firing at them. Many who have fought with or beside these mechs find this tendency deeply unnerving.
Humanoid hands can equip and carry standard weapons.
Targeting software 1

Handling Accel Speed Pilot Body Armor Shields Sensor Avail Cost
0 2/10 10 3 3 2 none 1 3R 1500

Tiny VTOL craft capable of being modified to suit a myriad of purposes. Typical models have a high visibility holographic drawn around them. They are small enough characters could carry one in a pouch on their belt. They are so small that operators often use a holographic display to avoid losing track of them. (coloured spheres are popular themes). Their on-board computer has a default Signal 2 and Response 2.

Base model

Handling Accel Speed Pilot Body Armor Shields Sensor Avail Cost
+1 3/15 15 3 1 0 0 2 6 200

Add shield generator
cost = shield strength x 100, max 30. availability 1R per 5 shield strength.
Add weapon mount:

  • Taser 8 S(e) ,AP -half, SS , 150 credits. use taser ranges.
  • hold out mass accelerator 4P, SS ,350 credits uses hold out ranges.

Add sensor suite: depends on sensors, see SR4 electronics,page 317.

Software: Software rules to be added later.

Add armor availability Ratingx3R, cost rating x 1000 max rating 3
armor for such lightweight drones is expensive ratings higher than 3 are not possible at this weight class.


The Battle YMIR Mech, or Model 34-A, or more commonly called a Heavy Mech, is a massive killing machine designed for anti-infantry purposes. Clad in bone-white armor with red lights.
YMIR Mechs possess twin automatic mass accelerator cannons concealed in the right arm and a rocket launcher in the left. These arms will open when the mech is about to fire. The symbols and writings on their armor bear resemblance to the LOKI Mechs’ and the robotic sounds made by YMIR Mechs during combat sound similar to geth troopers; however, they occasionally “speak” in a low, robotic voice, referring to their status during combat.

2 linked mass effect assault rifles
1 rocket launcher
Programs:Targeting 3, clearsight 1
Firewall 5

Handling Accel Speed Pilot Body Armor Shields Sensor Avail Cost
0 5/10 10 3 4 9 60 1 12R 25,000


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