The existence of cyber ware is supported by dialog in game but it’s legality and social taboo limit its use. Vat grown replacements are prefered but cyber ware is often a low cost or emergency substitute. Professional soldiers are most likely to have cyberware. The are rumors that cybernetics are much more common among the Quarian.

Cyberware found in the SR4 core book falls into one of four categories : acceptable, No, Yes, Renamed

  • Yes:supported by ingame or codex
  • No: not seen in game, seems counter genre.
  • Acceptable:not seen but not specifically counter-genre
  • Renamed: replaced with something very similar

Commlink: YES. one character was documented with an encrypted computer in their brain with advanced features. It is probably taboo.
Control Rig: no- I’ve found no data to show anyone has used direct mind-machine interface to control vehicles or drones.
Cranial bombs:YES , cerberus are jerks.
Datajacks: YES , uncommon and probably taboo
Data Lock:YES
Olfactory Booster: no
Sim Module:to date ONLY protheans have this technology.
Taste Booster:no
Tooth compartment: acceptable
Voice modulator:acceptable, strong maybe on this one.

Cybereyes:yes-possibly taboo. close observation will reveal they are artificial
Eye recording unit:acceptable
flare compensation:acceptable
Image link:acceptable
LowLight vision:acceptable
Ocular drone:no
Protective covers:no
Retinal duplication:no (maybe at best)
Thermographic vision:acceptable
Vision enhancement:acceptable
Vision magnification:acceptable

EARWARE Cyber ears:acceptable Audio enhancement:acceptable Balance augmentor:acceptable (Fei Ling may have had this) Damper: acceptable Ear recording unit:acceptable Select sound filter:no- found no data to support this in codex so far Sound Link:acceptable Spatial recognizer:no

Bonelacing:Yes-strong evidence to support this in ME2.

Cosmetic modification:yes-vanity never gets old
Dermal Plating:no
Fingertip compartment:acceptable
Grapple gun:no
Internal air tank:acceptable
Muscle replacement:yes-ME2

Reaction enhancers:acceptable
SimRig:no, only Protheans had this tech and they didn’t need implants.
Smuggling compartment:no
Touch link:no

Wired Reflexes: acceptable-various things in the games indicate that individuals have sped up their perception of time or crammed more shooting into a short period of time than normally possible.

-we suggest using a Rating of wired reflexes = duration and ratingX2 = cooldown for reaction enhancements to reflect the ME games.


Obvious cyberlimbs:yes-taboo-short term options for most soldiers. often replaced with vat grown replacements later.

Synthetic cyberlimbs:yes
Cyberlimb enhancements:acceptable
Cyber arm gyromount:acceptable
Cyberarm slide:acceptable
Cyber holster:no
Hydraulic legs:no
Large Smuggling compartment:no
Cyber implant weapons:no


Mass Effect (Shadowrun 4th ed) PrimeApe PrimeApe