Avoiding food poisoning

The universe is filled with lots of things you can eat and trillions of things that shouldn’t.

The most common mistake a new traveler can make is to eat something without checking if their species can ingest it. Most sapient species ingest food based of off levo-protein and a few need food based off of dextrose-proteins. For turians and quarians which are dextro-protein species of reverse chirality from humans and asari. The food of levo-protein races such as humans or asari is at best inedible and at worst poisonous, most likely triggering a dangerous allergic reaction. If you are a Krogan this is only a minor issue. You bastards can eat almost anything. Editor’s note: the publishers wish to convey that the opinions express herein do not necessarily reflect that of the publishers.

What does this mean for me? It means you read the label first.


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