Key places to visit.

The Citadel
Location: Milky Way / Serpent Nebula / Widow
At some point everyone (everyone without a warrant on their head that is..) will want to visit the Citadel. Diplomats, couriers , drug peddlers, debutantes, reporters, window washers, soldiers and nuclear appliance repairmen all have something of interest on the Citadel.
Codex explanation of the Citadel

…When you are done reading the official blurb on the Citadel, you must know these truths if you want to make it out of there.
1. This place is huge. No seriously, it’s big , think of the biggest city you’ve ever seen and multiply that by 10 and then roll it up over itself so even the sky is full of city. It’s 5% larger than that…
2. get a damn map. Did we mention this place is big? Seriously, half of the locals get lost on a regular basis. Get a map! You can download an official map from the local travel V.I. Avina but you can find more specialized maps with useful things marked on them from various street vendors and the local commerce association.
- editor’s note: Avina’s map is full of tourist traps and overpriced cafes. None of the grit and meat of the station can be found on there, it only has what the officials want you to see.
3. Everyone wants something from you. They either want your money, attention, your life or for you to go the hell away. Often in that order. The key to staying alive and out of jail is to learn which people want what.

Location: Milky Way / Crescent Nebula / Tasale System / Second planet
An affluent garden world renowned for glamor, luxury, and safety (provided by near-total surveillance). Nearly everything can be bought here including selling yourself into indentured servitude. For that reason we recommend not signing anything during your stay.

Location: Milky Way / Silean Nebula / Teyolia System / Second planet
Sandy beaches and romantic twin moons fuel a bustling tourism economy, while practical secretive corporate matters are handled in spiraling arcologies built along towering cliffs.

Location: Milky Way / Athena Nebula / Ialessa System / Second planet
Large tracks of untamed forest surrounding the capital drew in millions of sightseers, game hunters, and biologists.

Location: Milky Way / Nubian Expanse / Kalabsha System / Second planet
A hydrogen-helium gas giant, Tefnut is home to a helium-3 collection and the refueling facility nearest to the Nubian Expanse’s mass relay. Visitors here can stay at expansive resort stations, watch locally produced entertainment, buy mind-affecting substances not welcome in Citadel space, and rent companionship.

Everywhere else :
The official codex of colonies


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