dealing with customs officials and border guards.

Legal stuff is the last thing a traveler wants to deal with but by learning a few tips, you can avoid having to deal with a lot of legal stuff later.

Customs and boarders:Most planets, colonies and larger stations will be the official territory of a government. Governments often have irrational obsessions with controlling the comings and goings of people like us and all the little goodies we like to take with us. (guns, drugs and “misplaced historical artifacts” )

1. Most governments are uptight about guns and really get hysterical about explosives. If you plan to carry some over a border, be sure to have a legal permit or a really good fake. Keep in mind that not all fake Licenses are created equal, the higher the rating, the more likely it is to pass scrutiny. Places like border worlds are not likely to have sophisticated equipment to validate your phoney ID so you may get by with a cheap one you bought at the back of a night club on Omega but places of importance like the home worlds of significant races and the Citadel have the best verification equipment money can buy. Don’t push your luck. Try paying a professional smuggler to sneak your favorite rocket launcher over the boarder for you. You can arrange to pick it up later.

2. Don’t say stupid things at border checkpoints, customs offices or spaceports. These places are full of guards. These people are often bored and their only hope of promotion is to nab some terrible drug smuggler or terrorist. Just saying “I just had a lovely trip to Omega” or “the local police are morons” is likely to get their full and undivided attention. Your luggage and that bag of red sand concealed inside is likely to get a very thorough inspection.

3. If you actually paid the tariffs on that stuff you imported, keep the receipts!

4. If there is a warrant on your head or you’re carrying illegal goods, plan your route through star systems and space stations that have low security. 10 minutes of planning ahead can save you 5 years in a Turian prison.

-Editor’s note: this is only for reference, we assure you that all the readers of this guide would never do anything remotely illegal or naughty. We don’t condone any illegal activity or use of harsh language.


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