Surviving hostile conditions

Step One: Preparation
Before leaving home you may want to travel light but there are some things you really may want to take with you.

  • A Towel
  • Often underestimated, please refer to this document

  • A survival kit
  • Available from outdoorsman stores, mail order catalogs or Krogan convenience stores, it has many useful things. Often they include a smart-compass, emergency rations (be sure to make sure they are edible to your species), water purification kit, a knife, matches, a lightweight thermal blanket and sometimes more. – editor’s note :It is also the easiest way to smuggle a knife through customs.
  • A hidden pocket to store your money in.

Whenever you board a ship, take a moment to find out where the escape pods are, keep an eye out for compartments marked for emergency equipment (fire extinguishers, space suits, breather masks etc). Knowing where these things are will drasticaly improve your odds of survival in a wide number of emergencies including emergency fund raising. (see chapter eight on paying the bills).

So so your ship is hurtling towards some planet or something. Ok don’t panic. Look around. Is the crew calm , freaking out or openly weeping? Take your cues from them and you will have a good idea when to start moving towards those escape pods.

Ok so your ship crashed? Are you in an escape pod? Yes: don’t open the door yet! Most escape pods come with a simple chemical sensor that can sample the atmosphere conditions and tell you if your species can breath it. Air toxic? Stay inside until rescued or change into a spacesuit if you have one. High quality ships have high quality escape pods. Check yours for food, space suits, communication gear, distress beacons and weapons. After reviewing your supplies you need to decide if you are going to leave the pod. Do you think people are going to try to come and rescue you? If so then stay near the pod. It’s distress beacon is your best hope of rescue. If you have reason to believe someone wants you dead then feel free to disable that beacon or run for the hills.

Did you go down with the ship? Look around. Is the ship on fire? If so then get a respirator or get the hell outta there. Ship interiors are often made of a variety of materials. Many release toxic gases when burned. If the ship is not on fire, try to find out if the ship’s reactor core is cracked. If the ship is leaking rads like poker chips at a rigged batarian casino then run like hell. Owning a Geiger counter helps with this but many ships will have sensors built in to read radiation levels for you. IF the ship is not on fire, being shot at, sinking into a swamp or leaking radiation then you will want to review your supplies. Just like escape pods, sticking around the ship is usually your best idea for getting rescued. It also provides shelter from the sun, exterior radiation sources and other elements.

-coming soon: Avoiding sunburn in Trinary starsystems….


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