Places to avoid.

Purgatory (the Blue Suns privately owned prison).
Location: Milky Way / Hourglass Nebula / Osun
Not to be confused with Purgatory the bar on the Citadel which we consider a place you want to see. This Purgatory is a private maximum prison where the Blue Suns make money by containing a special group of people. People so bad that planetary governments will pay the blue suns not to let them go. You don’t want to go here. I mean it.
-Editor’s note: it’s been rumored that the staff will sometimes capture and hold people who visited of their own volition if the staff find out there is a bounty on your head. You’ve been warned.

Omega Station
Location: Milky Way / Omega Nebula / Sahrabarik
Omega station is a rare exception that it appears in both chapter four and chapter three. In this entry we describe why you don’t want to go here.

  • Rampant specisim: you can expect that no matter what species you are there are people here who irrationally hate your kind and rude language is the best you can expect from them.
  • Many areas have unchecked violence and crime: if you are not dangerous looking you will get mugged. If you are careless or trusting you will be otherwise robbed or conned into buying some bridge.
  • If you tell a customs agent that you just got back from a visit to Omega you can expect the most through rectal cavity search of your life
  • Unsanitary: on multiple occasions have there been unchecked outbreaks of nearly every airborne illness in known space. Not a place for hypochondriacs

Other places of ill repute:

Location: Milky Way / The Phoenix Massing / Typhon System / Second planet
-A violent mess.

Location: Milky Way / Caleston Rift / Aysur System / Dranen
-The beautiful beaches and long afternoons don’t make up for the indigenous diseases, venomous insects and high kidnapping rate.

Location: Milky Way / Serpent Nebula / Boltzmann System / Second planet
-way too expensive.

Location: Milky Way / Far Rim / Dholen System / Second planet
TRAVEL ADVISORY: Most intelligence estimates state that approaching Charoum is tantamount to suicide. All civilian traffic is prohibited.

Location: Milky Way / Far Rim / Dholen System / Third planet
Formerly a quarian colony, now full of Geth and fatal sunburn.

Location: Milky Way / Eagle Nebula / Imir System / Second planet
“A garbage scow with a climate”. Home to massive starship recycling and scrapping operations that have choked the sky.
TRAVEL ADVISORY: Korlus ranks second in murder per capita in the Terminus Systems and first in offworld murder. Civilian traffic is encouraged to employ security professionals when visiting.

Location: Milky Way / Caleston Rift / Yakawa System / Third planet
A large volus university, the Ten-Clan Academy, hosts symposia on the planet’s surface. Unfortunately, despite their security precautions, pirates, organ-leggers, and slavers throughout the Terminus Systems have learned that kidnapped students and professors are a source of easy money


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