-Looking for work in all the wrong places.

Eventually your spending money will run out and the universe will see very unfriendly. How do you get more? How far can you get by with no money at all?

What can I get for free?
- under construction -

Getting more money
-work for it
-steal it
-ask people for it.
-salvage and treasure hunting.

Gainful Employment
The following list shows worlds and places where there is work to be found. This is by no means an exclusive or exhaustive list but merely lists a few notable examples.

Location: Milky Way / Silean Nebula / Kypladon System / Second planet
Antimatter generators on the surface and in orbital stations provide fuel for military starships throughout asari space. Anyone skilled in maintenance of Antimatter reactors can find work here if they pass a thorough background check.

Location: Milky Way / Crescent Nebula / Lusarn System / Second planet
A handful of mining outposts dot the hellishly hot surface. The crews remain in underground bunkers, sending remotely controlled machines out at night to do surface work and load cargo for shipment. Drone operation and repair specialists will find themselves welcome here.

Location: Milky Way / Vallhallan Threshold / Paz System / First planet
Garvug is a frozen wasteland home to Krogan, Vorcha and corporate ecoengineering efforts trying to implement sustainable agri- and aqua-culture practices. The corporations are always hiring mercenaries.

Location: Milky Way / Annos Basin / Pranas System / Fourth planet
Halegeuse is home to a thriving community of robo-miners and those who work in helium-3 collection and refinement.

Location: Milky Way / Ismar Frontier / Faia System / Fourth planet
The gas giant has two dozen moons each with aggressively competing corporations. Employment in helium-3 extraction and refining and technical maintenance are available as well as jobs in espionage, sabotage, black marketeering, security and on occasion direct mercenary work.

Location: Milky Way / Local Cluster / Sol System / Earth
Luna is now mined for materials used in space habitat construction. Two dozen major stations have been constructed at Earth’s L4 and L5 Lagrange points, all from lunar resources. There is work to be found but travelers are advised not to trespass into the System’s Alliance weapon testing areas.

Location: Milky Way / Silean Nebula / Nahuala System / Third planet
Phoros is a hydrogen gas giant. Its four moons hosted small spaceports used to mine the moons and the nearby Haelimar asteroid belt. Employment for pilots and miners.


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