Blood Pack

Leader: Main leader unknown.
Founder: Unknown Vorcha, Reformed by Ganar Wrang
Area of operation: BANNED FROM CITADEL SPACE, operate in terminus systems and Tuchanka.
Description:a pirate group, provides “muscle” on Omega station.

Species:exclusively Krogan and Vorcha.

Reputation: space thugs

M.O. minimal oversight,maximum violence. Blood Pack rejects bodyguarding and regular security work in favour of open warfare contracts, pirate raids and intimidation rackets. Provides enforcers for Chief Weyrloc Guld.

Recruitment: Blood Pack sweep Vorcha pockets and literally beat them into soldiers. Vorcha “Trained” by Blood Pack are stronger, faster, smarter and more resilient than ordinary Vorcha. Krogan are recruited in “Hot spots” of Krogan traffic including Tuchanka spaceports.

Publicly traded stock.

Favoured Equipment
Krogans wear red armour with a white skull on the shoulder.

Originally a terminus system Vorcha gang, they were transformed into a mercenary legion by Krogan Battlemaster Ganar Wrang. (Wrang was exiled for striking a female in anger. Wrang focused on piracy for several decades while he built up the strength of the gang before turning it into a publicly traded Merc group.

Notable members:
Garm (Krogan) leads omega stations Blood Pack.
Kureck (Krogan) Leader of a Blood Pack Muscle/Looting force.
Kreete (Vorcha) Leader of significant clout by the time of ME3
Gryll (Vorcha) Subordinate to Kreete.

Unit types
Blood Pack Boom-Squad-anti tank.
ML-77 Missile launcher with frag missiles
usually no armour(sometimes light)
Skilled with missile launchers and little else
Attributes low
-typically commanded by a Krogan overseer,

Blood Pack Pyro
451 Firestorm or other flamer, backpack mounted spare cannisters.
usually no armour(sometimes light)
Attributes average
-Always operate with other vorcha and sometimes Krogan.

Blood Pack Trooper
Pistols, assault rifles or shotguns (all basic quality)
usually no armour(sometimes light)
attributes average
-Krogan leaders use them in supportive roles such as:
to lay down suppression fire
to flank enemies.

Blood Pack Warrior
Mid-range shotguns, sometimes modded with incendiary ammo
medium Armor
average krogan stats, favour shotgun and close combat skills.
-advance constantly and charge into melee at first opportunity bringing a vorcha Pyro with them.

Blood Pack

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