Adapted Rules

Changes to :

-remove all standard SR4 races except for human.

-Magic rating : removed.
-Essence: lower essence does not inhibit biotics. It does however make people more sensitive to indoctrination (see optional rules).
-New Attribute : Biotics – see New rules

-remove: magician , Adept, Astral Chameleon, human looking, magic resistance
-remove: Murky link, mystic adept, spirit affinity, Technomancer, astral beacon
-remove: spirit bane, Sinner.
-replace Mentor Spirit with “Mentor VI”
-rename Elf Poser with “Asari poser”

-Remove all magic, skills and sorcery/tasking skill groups.

-remove everything except Drain. See New rules


Change -For simplicity assume devices have firewall equal to their ratings.
Change -For simplicity we ignore programs (we may change this later)
Change -Agents and autosofts are now V.I.s (Virtual intelligences)
Replace -Commlinks are replaced with omni tools.
Note – Full Immersion VR is very uncommon.
Remove -all Technomancer references.

Change -Drones get only one initiative pass by default instead of two.

Damage and Health
Change -First Aid can be applied_ more than once_ on the same set of injuries if MediGel is used.
Remove – ignore the “patient is magician,adept or technomancer” modifier.

Remove – ignore all standard SR4 critters, spirits, and paranimals.

Change – All characters are assumed to have government records by default.(SINNER)
Remove -BTLs no longer exsist.

Adapted Rules

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