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Some Weapons still need pricing and availability ratings..

Shadowrun 4 core rulebook errata

There are Shadowrun rules that are confusing as hell.
Combat :
how do net hits affect damage? SR4 core rule book is unclear on this.
( update someone suggested errata to explain this )

SHould Shields stop melee attacks and falling damage?

We need a list of biotic and tech powers that detonate when combined

how much to legal licenses cost?

In ME3 we see biotics using their power to make a powerful punch effect. need rules for this.

Legality and punishment: what happens if you get caught at Citadel customs with illegal cyberware?

Players want a list of organizations and syndicates and corporations.

How fast should Shields recharge? 15% per round? rounded up?

Enviromental seals on armor- so far we’ve decided that default suits are not spaceworthy unless you buy a chemical seal (see SR4 ) and possibly heat and cold insulation.

Vision magnification says it has ratings 1 to 3 however the rules say it reduces the range to short …it does not state what the Ratings do. I could not find any eratta to clear this up.
( updated someone recommended house rules : each rank reduces range increments by one )

Range of BIotics and Tech powers, Line of sight waaaay to long…

Cooldowns on Tech powers – looks like not having any was a dangerous oversight when [[Dr. Caligari]] found he could paralyze a player for several turns and keep doing that as often as he wanted…

Omni tools and Software. WE did not include software.. not sure if that oversimplified things too much or just right.

Should we make up some hightech mass effectbased parachute tech for players who want to fall out of spaceships?


Action Items

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