Mass Effect (Shadowrun 4th ed)

Explosions , arguments and other fun things.

A pillar of black smoke curled into the sky as a signal the cargo ship Trannok would never fly again… or even properly be described as ship-like for that matter.

The former asari commando LaLa was picking herself up out of the tall grass and was not happy to feel a blast wave again after all these years. She looked out onto the remains of the ship, while not totally destroyed , it was a sorry sight. The Trannok’s hull was ripped open like a massive wound in her side with another slightly smaller rift on the other. It didn’t take anyone with any experience to tell that this ship would not fly again.

“aaarrgg….. those fuckers! Those fucking fuckers!” Lala remembered that she had rescued the prisoner mercenary from the ship. She waited patiently while he ran out of uses of breath.

“Those fuck-headed fucking fuckers! they left me to die! They actually tried to fuckin blow the fucking ship up with me still fucking in it! Those fucking fuckers! You remember that 50 credits I owe you Jeff? Well you can fuckin forget about being paid back you backstabbing fucker!”

Lala thought she understood terran english pretty well but she had to admit she had never heard fuck used as an adjective,verb and noun in the same sentence before. She turned her attention to the burning ship and was relieved her omni tool confirmed no significant radiation, the drive core hadn’t been cracked open in the blast.

After regrouping with the other survivors , Dr Caligari carefully climbed through the fissure in the hull into what remained of the second deck. The med lab had been hit bad and he had to dig through the rubble to look for his patient.
“Don’t blame me, can’t carry an invalid through a ship’s hatch and I can’t heal you if I died eh?” he mumbled to himself while searching. His hand came back covered in blood…a moment of worry filled him until he found it came from what remained of the “blood donor”. The merc’s corpse had been torn apart but when he found it, the body of Victoria was less damaged. Mostly intact, some shrapnel sticking out, slightly dead.
“Hrm…that’s gonna be a bit challenging.. Humans are so darned fragile but I’ve worked with worse..” He set about trying to restart her heart with something that resembled childlike amusement.

By the time the others had returned to the ship they found Dr Caligari had cleared a workspace in the bombed out med lab, found some medical supplies and was arm deep in the former navigator. Much to their surprize the the little heart monitor (often refered to as the machine that goes PING ) was actually going PING on occasion. Dr Caligari gravely told them that she might make it but the shrapnel shredded her liver. She would need a new one, the merc body was the same blood type but he didn’t have time or facilities to do a full donor compatibility check so he would “just make do”

As the the Qarian was the only other person on board with a shred of medical training, he was delegated as nurse and participated in what he would later call “the most impressive bit of cutting he had ever participated in , in the most batshit poor circumstances short of a gunfight in a burning building”. It was here that shattered med lab filled with the stink of blood and burning plastic that the Quarrian gained his respect for the Krogan’s skill, efficiency, improvisation and intimate knowledge of human physiology. He was quite astounded that Victoria lived.

In the time that followed they discussed the situation and found their new prisoner surprisingly forthcoming with information. He said he didn’t hold much loyalty for people who left him to die and never liked them too much before that. He recounted how they had been hired to do a simple “shoot and grab” but only their commander seemed to know the nature of what they were sent to grab. They had known that the ship would arrive on this isolated world and just waited for it to crash. Something specific that was in one of the mail crates and they had allready collected it, the only reason they were still here was to tie up loose ends.
“us you mean? asked Lala.
“hey nothing personal, just what we were paid to do you know?” the merc was nonchalant about it.

He went on to estimate how many mercenaries might be left and what defences they might have assuming they have’nt packed up and left. If they think all the loose ends are dead…they’ll just leave the planet.

“…sigh… so we have to convince them that we’re still alive then eh?”
Everyone turned and looked at the Quarian in disbelief.

The lost ship! A scene of battle!

The standoff in the dessert resulted in an unhappy truce. The cyborg had not engendered himself well to the others and was watched suspiciously by the others but they could not turn down the opportunity the cyborg’s vehicle presented.

Setting off with a crude radio triangulation device cobbled together by the Quarian, they set off in search of the crash site unsure of what they would find.

Eventually they found the ship in far better condition than expected. The ship was merely battered and not crippled. With recent mercenary attacks on their mind, they explored the ship with extreme caution..

In the main starboard airlock the found a body in a pool of blood and no one else on board. Shortly afterwards the Dr decided that just maybe….he should’ve checked that person for vital signs.

Finding them with no pulse but still warm the Krogan frantically worked to restart their heart (partially because he would not live down the embarrassment of loosing a patient because it had not occurred to him to take a pulse). The body; former chief navigator Victoria Svelt had been technically dead for 7 minutes before the Krogan resuscitated her. (an achievement that even impressed himself)

A search of the ship found that the ship’s nav computer was missing entirely, a fact that distress the Quarrian greatly.

“Without the nav computer, fixing the ship is pointless. We could theoretically repair the other damage but without any way to chart a FTL course … we’re still as stuck as we were before”

At this time Shadow restored his peace of mind when he found that the damage to the ship had not disabled the refrigeration units…the beer was still cold.

The party regrouped to compare notes and during the discussion when LaLa mentioned in passing that they had been unable to raise any other ships, starports, satellites or open networks , that the Quarian suddenly started yelling at her. He explained: if the mercenaries were still out there and you just took the ships comms and started pinging everything in range…what do you think are the odds they won’t notice we’re still alive and come finish us off?
The Asari looked a little sheepish when she realized she had just done the mercenaries job for them.

Quickly a plan was formed to defend the ship by cutting off access to the second deck and filling several chambers of the main deck with chlorine gas brewed from stored chemicals in the hold. The Quarian dispatched a few small pocket observation drones outside the ship.

Sure enough within a few hours a cloud of dust appeared on the horizon. A vehicle headed this way, then another from the other side of the valley!

The asari hid in the bridge while the Quarian and Krogan prepared to hold the second deck corridor and prevent anyone from reaching the injured Victoria. Shadow took to the roof of the ship to watch their approach (from altruism or a secret desire to get the first kill is unknown)

The resulting firefight went back and forth as the attackers changed tactics to respond to the trap the party had made. Being fired on from shadow on the roof, they used indirect rocket fire to drive him back into the ship, a second team tried to break onto the second deck by throwing flashbang and smoke grenades into the corridor. The second team had a sense of urgency because the chlorine gas had been released and holding the main deck was proving too dangerous. Shadow had only just climbed back down into the second deck when the first flash-bangs went off, and then when his hearing returned he heard some noise from the roof. The mercs who drove him inside with the rocket fire had scaled the roof of the ship and were placing explosives for a roof breech. Shadow turned his augmented reflexes back on and stormed back onto the roof and gunned down two of them, the third taking this as his cue to jump off the ship and take cover. The new smug feeling was quickly washed away when the mercs started throwing grenades onto the roof, they could not see where he was so they just threw lots of them. Shadow’s shields fell quickly and shrapnel ripped through the softer parts of his armor suit and he was very, very grateful for his cybernetic pain editors. Shadow decided to return to the inside of the ship.

Meanwhile the second deck was alive with fully automatic gunfire, the mercs from the lower deck had forced their way into the second deck corridor and used suppression fire to force the party into cover. The Doctor and the Quarrian were bottled up in the med lab, unable to even stick their heads into the hall without risking loosing them. The Asari had waited until the mercs had almost reached her hiding spot in the bridge when she used her tactical cloak to sneak into the corridor, caught the two closest in a mass-lift effect and the last in a stasis before he could react. Shadow now rejoined them , slightly disappointed that they had fared better than he had in the last few minutes. He made himself feel better by unloading a burst of gunfire into one of the floating and helpless mercs. The asari maintained the two mass effect fields for long enough
for the party to dispatch all but one merc who they disarmed and took captive.

After a few minutes the party noticed that they had not heard anything from outside in a while and no one else had tried to storm the second deck. The quarian decided to bring up a feed from one of his drones and was puzzled by what he saw.

“Hrmm… they’re doing something outside the ship”

“what?” Demanded shadow.

“How the hell should I know… something! It’s hard to see, oh wait they’re getting back in their trucks….they’re leaving!”

Unsure if they had won or not, the Quarian carefully climbed down to the main deck and unaffected by the chlorine gas, peeked timidly out of the ship.

WIth the immediacy of battle behind them the party returned to their normal behaviors, the Krogan testing the blood of one of the mercs and declaring “this guy’s volunteered as a blood donor for my patient!” The Asari was trying to interrogate the prisoner while Shadow contented himself to loot the corpses.

The Dr was almost finished creating a crude blood transfusion arrangement in the med lab when the panicked voice of the Quarrian broke onto their comms. Something had so disturbed him that he had reverted to his native language and the ensuing stream of profanities and shouting was lost on all of them except the bi-lingual Krogan.

The Krogan’s side of the conversation did little to make anyone feel better..
“What do you mean ..” …“how many?” …. “Can you defuse it?”

The Krogan address the others " uh the quarian found a bunch of things that look like bombs outside"
“is he going to defuse them?” someone asked.

“uh…he said he’s running away now. He recommends running very fast”

In the ensuing scamper out of the ship the wounded navigator got left behind…

Fall from grace.

Date early 2183 CE (the year of the Eden Prime war)

Adventure strikes the unsuspecting crew and passengers of the ship Trannok as their FTL jump brings them to an unknown system dangerously close to a rocky planet. The crew didn’t have time to calculate their position before for main computer started to fail and the engines stuttered and lost power.

As the captain signals the passengers to general quarters, the Tourist runs to her shared cabin and pulls out her old armor out, the Surgeon decides that he will ride out the rough landing in the ships main bathroom stall surrounded by padding ripped from the passenger lounge seating.

The Outcast is not convinced that this isn’t some kind of convoluted trap set for him.

As hope for saving the ship seems lost, the captain calls all passengers to assemble at the escape pods…“there’s really nothing to worry about..but don’t dillydally.”

Having held the other passengers at gunpoint, the Outcast realizes there are enough pods for everyone to escape, he chooses one and immediately jettisons.

The captain and crew join the passengers and helps them into their pods (with some trouble fitting the Krogan Surgeon into his pod), the ship is abandoned and the pod’s autopilots begin making a controlled decent into the atmosphere.

A few notice the ship now regains engine control, stops tumbling and begins making a controled decent towards the planet.

The Outcast, having already landed, watches the ship and pods drift through the sky and realizes that by leaving so much sooner than the others, he’s landed a few hundred kilometers a cold desert..alone. He starts walking in their direction.

The varied personalities of the Surgeon, the Tourist and the Outcast become evident quickly. The Surgeon cannibalizes what he can from the escape pod , converting it into Omni-gel, starts his autocompass to auto calibrate to this planets magnetic field, starts humming his favorite Krogan song and starts walking towards where he last saw the Trannok headed. The Tourist thoughtfully searches the escape pod, checks that the distress beacon is working and takes the emergency food rations she finds under the seat before she starts walking in the Trannok’s direction. The outcast immediately kicks his way out of the pod and starts walking.

The Tourist begins to think the planet is uninhabited or at least has no satellites in orbit that her omni-tool can connect to. As it dawns on he that she is going to miss her appointment with her agent, she consoles herself with the idea that this crash may be just the kind of event that brings her back into the spotlight, reinvigorating her media career. Her musing are interrupted by two humanoids cresting the hill before her…

The Outcast has captured a small lizard and is doing a very poor job of cooking it with his omni-tool..

Unable to recognize the strangers, they appear humanoid, she’s unable to tell what species as they wear light armor with helmets and no markings or insignia. Unable to raise them on her comm she suspects her radio may be broken from the landing and she pantomimes the idea at the strangers. They exchange a shrug and draw weapons on her. Instinct she hasn’t felt since her days in the Asari military, the first one is held in a stasis field before they can shoot. Narrowly dodging pistol fire from the other, she directs a warp effect at the stasis field, the reaction is a violent dark energy explosion. She reaches cover during the confusion and begins to take stock of the situation: lightly armored , armed only with a pistol and outnumbered with no help in sight. The Tourist activates a Tactical cloak and moves to new cover unseen. Watching as the enemy tries to flank her old position, she decides to stay hidden until she knows more. Who are these people? How did they find her and why should they want to kill her?

The Surgeon updates his journal

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