Former chief navigator


Once the chief navigator of a cargo/passenger ship, she effectively became unemployed when the ship suffered catastrophic engine, power and computer failure after exiting FTL at the wrong destination. She was later found by survivors in the wreck of the ship, nearly dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

Recently confessed to Dr Caligari that she was the one to sabotage the ship. She knew the mercenaries were willing to kill the entire crew to get the package so she faked an emergency to force an evacuation. She stayed on the ship and landed it, waiting for the mercenaries to claim their prize. Originally she had been told that no one would be hurt if she got the crew out of the way but when she realized the duplicity of the mercenary commander she sabotaged the ship’s nav computer so they could not use it to track the escape pods. For this the mercenaries shot her and left her for dead. Later Dr Caligari , Lala , the one known as Shadow and the Quarrian found her and stabilized her.

Later that afternoon they would leave her behind during an explosion, resuscitate her again, pull the new shrapnel out and perform the serious surgery now needed to keep her alive. She regained consciousness briefly (long enough to be weirded out by Shadow’s staring ) before succumbing to a fevered coma as her body fought off infection and tissue rejection.

She was transferred to the medical facilities on the refueling station XY-792 where she was able to recover.

It wasn’t until the week after the incident that she told Dr Caligari about the sabotage and her reasons for helping the mercenary scum….


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