A mysterious stranger with a talent for murder


A hooded pale human with obvious cybernetic arms. Never seen unarmed.


Originally nothing more than a stolen genetic sample, project shadow was cloned with the purpose of killing and replacing his progenitor.
He was trained , equipped and unleashed only to be defeated by the original. Left broken and battered he was restored by the agency with advanced cybernetics and experimental surgical techniques. The agency did not do this out of loyalty or pity but because they needed a test subject and they didn’t want the failed assassin to be a complete waste of resources.

Shadow doesn’t even know the agency’s true purpose or why they needed his genetic progenitor dead. He is convinced that his life is now a game of cat and mouse, hiding from the agency while trying to find out more about them.

Recently found himself on an unknown world being attacked by unknown mercenaries the ship he was on was sabotaged. Subsequently killed a lot of people.

Last seen : Being sentenced to 2 years in a Turian prison for: 4 counts of importing military grade weapons with a fake license, 1 count possession of military grade cybernetic enhancements with fake permit, 1 count traveling with a false passport.

Seriously disappointed that none of his friends showed up at his trial.


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