Lalah Suun


An Asari with average height and quite fit with blue skin. Travels lightly armed.


Lalah learned the meaning of the human phrase “15 minutes of fame” the hard way. Once she was an aspiring Asari commando who found fame after part of her career became publicized. One of her missions found the attention of a human action film director who purchased the rights and promised her a bright career in film if she left the military. They gave her a role in a high budget action flick that grossed above average in the box-offices however fame and fortune were short lived as she accepted a role in the now infamous “Luchadores in Space” which not only did astonishingly poorly in theaters but raised the fury of multiple special interest groups. Resulting civil action suits and litigation occupied the next 4 years while her acting career faltered completely. She has recently heard from her agent that he may have something for her..

She missed her appointment with her agent when her transport was sabotaged and she was temporarily stranded on an unknown world with murderous mercenaries, endless wasteland and slight intrigue. A few heroic battles later, she was riding a stolen mercenary ship to freedom…. and a dozen messages from her agent.

Last seen: trying to smooze a marketing executive into reconsidering her role in an upcoming advertizing campaign. The executive was later found dead in his hotel. Lalah is now wanted for questioning.

Lalah Suun

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