Dr. Caligari

A Krogan with a knife, He says he's here to help....


Of average build and strength for Krogan, it’s not his size that makes him stand out but an unsettling look in his eyes and a truly inordinate number of pockets.

Familiar with both cutting edge genetic manipulation techniques and the wrong side of the law, Dr. Caligari is fascinated with biologic potential. He won’t let silly things like the Citadel genetic restrictions or sentiment hamper him.


Recently had a few lovely opportunities for medical adventure when the ship he booked passage on was sabotaged and the planet he landed on was full of people shooting, maiming, stabbing and otherwise making themselves excellent candidates for exploratory surgery without supervision.

Recent adventures include performing a liver transplant in a crashed, shot and slightly exploded transport ship with a patient who had already died twice that afternoon (albeit briefly) using a recently murdered mercenary as an organ donor.

Dr. Caligari

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