Mass Effect (Shadowrun 4th ed)

Fall from grace.

Date early 2183 CE (the year of the Eden Prime war)

Adventure strikes the unsuspecting crew and passengers of the ship Trannok as their FTL jump brings them to an unknown system dangerously close to a rocky planet. The crew didn’t have time to calculate their position before for main computer started to fail and the engines stuttered and lost power.

As the captain signals the passengers to general quarters, the Tourist runs to her shared cabin and pulls out her old armor out, the Surgeon decides that he will ride out the rough landing in the ships main bathroom stall surrounded by padding ripped from the passenger lounge seating.

The Outcast is not convinced that this isn’t some kind of convoluted trap set for him.

As hope for saving the ship seems lost, the captain calls all passengers to assemble at the escape pods…“there’s really nothing to worry about..but don’t dillydally.”

Having held the other passengers at gunpoint, the Outcast realizes there are enough pods for everyone to escape, he chooses one and immediately jettisons.

The captain and crew join the passengers and helps them into their pods (with some trouble fitting the Krogan Surgeon into his pod), the ship is abandoned and the pod’s autopilots begin making a controlled decent into the atmosphere.

A few notice the ship now regains engine control, stops tumbling and begins making a controled decent towards the planet.

The Outcast, having already landed, watches the ship and pods drift through the sky and realizes that by leaving so much sooner than the others, he’s landed a few hundred kilometers a cold desert..alone. He starts walking in their direction.

The varied personalities of the Surgeon, the Tourist and the Outcast become evident quickly. The Surgeon cannibalizes what he can from the escape pod , converting it into Omni-gel, starts his autocompass to auto calibrate to this planets magnetic field, starts humming his favorite Krogan song and starts walking towards where he last saw the Trannok headed. The Tourist thoughtfully searches the escape pod, checks that the distress beacon is working and takes the emergency food rations she finds under the seat before she starts walking in the Trannok’s direction. The outcast immediately kicks his way out of the pod and starts walking.

The Tourist begins to think the planet is uninhabited or at least has no satellites in orbit that her omni-tool can connect to. As it dawns on he that she is going to miss her appointment with her agent, she consoles herself with the idea that this crash may be just the kind of event that brings her back into the spotlight, reinvigorating her media career. Her musing are interrupted by two humanoids cresting the hill before her…

The Outcast has captured a small lizard and is doing a very poor job of cooking it with his omni-tool..

Unable to recognize the strangers, they appear humanoid, she’s unable to tell what species as they wear light armor with helmets and no markings or insignia. Unable to raise them on her comm she suspects her radio may be broken from the landing and she pantomimes the idea at the strangers. They exchange a shrug and draw weapons on her. Instinct she hasn’t felt since her days in the Asari military, the first one is held in a stasis field before they can shoot. Narrowly dodging pistol fire from the other, she directs a warp effect at the stasis field, the reaction is a violent dark energy explosion. She reaches cover during the confusion and begins to take stock of the situation: lightly armored , armed only with a pistol and outnumbered with no help in sight. The Tourist activates a Tactical cloak and moves to new cover unseen. Watching as the enemy tries to flank her old position, she decides to stay hidden until she knows more. Who are these people? How did they find her and why should they want to kill her?

The Surgeon updates his journal


PrimeApe PrimeApe

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